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Meet Dr.Vivyek Rai

Trust your intuition and success will follow

Entrepreneur, spiritual healer

and motivational speaker

Dr. Vivyek Rai, profoundly called “Guruji” is a consulting naturopath and a great motivator known for touching many lives. He is well known for his spiritual healings and an optimistic approach towards life. He is a humble person always rendering meticulous efforts for serving those in need. He has a treasure of knowledge and constant quest to keep learning which helps him guide people from all walks of life in leading a peaceful life as well as make success in diverse kinds of businesses. Always thinking out of the box and providing solutions to challenging problems. Dr. Vivyek Rai has worked with Indian and foreign companies at top management level.  With his vast experience and knowledge, he has also contributed in guiding youngsters for their future endeavours.

With considerable knowledge of astrology and a team of dedicated and learned astrologers Dr. Vivyek Rai has been very successful in providing relevant and the apt solutions even to problems related to various fields of life.

Ups and downs in life are dependent upon the influence of stars of an individual. It is not in our hands to change the stars that directly impact our life. Instead we need to consult an Astrologer who helps us overcome the difficult times by giving us solutions or alternatives for our problems.

Based on this information he prepares your horoscope and tells you about your personality without meeting. If it is close to correct then only he proceeds further with predictions, etc., as there can be a mistake in noting the birth time, etc.

Dr.Vivyek Rai



Dr. Vivyek Rai imparts free Computer / IT training to the under privileged. He motivates the elderly to learn basic computer operations and internet. Such efforts are highly commendable so that none are left behind in the present competitive world. He has his personal interest in the business of Ayurvedic Medicines, Computer Education and Software development.

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