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Vastu Shastra

Updated: Feb 8, 2021

Do you know that a well-defined blueprint of your home can give you lifelong happiness? Yes, by applying the correct Vastu tips, you can prepare a blueprint that will bring prosperity to your world and help you get rid of all negativity.

Vastu Shastra is the science that deals with the architectural principles of a place. Initially, it originated in India and has now reached millions of people in the world who prepare proper blueprints of a building before beginning its construction.

It is connected with the designing and layout of a particular structure and ensures that the geographical surroundings boost up the positive vibes of every person who comes in close contact with the building.

This sacred science is based on ancient Hindu and Buddhist beliefs about the structuring of a building. There are different designs and geometrical patterns that are to be used for the different types of buildings such as temples, homes, offices, etc. All these things are defined by the Vastu Shastra.

Vastu for Home

Have you ever realized that entering an untidy home often puts you in a bad mood? Or the dull colors of the walls make you feel depressed and dejected? All these things happen when you do not heed to the principles of Vastu for home. Designing and layout of a home make a major impact on the lives of the people residing there. It brings peace, prosperity, and positivity to the inhabitants of the home and ensure that they share a happy and harmonious relationship with each other. This is why people apply Vastu for home and make their place a heaven on earth.

Vastu for Office

Have you ever felt drowsy and bored at your workplace? Do you feel dejected even after landing up in your dream job? Does your boss always condemn you and never appreciate the hard work that you put into your job? All these things might be a result of the wrong Vastu interior of your office. Vastu for office is a very important measure that must be taken for the overall success of the business. Also, it affects the personal life of all the employees who work there and has a lasting impact on their career. A Vastu compliant office brings fame, fortune, and success for every person who is associated with it in some manner or other.

Vastu for Factory

Have you ever wondered why one particular factory has an incredible success rate while another one is hit with losses, strikes and all sorts of troubles? The correct Vastu for the factory might be the answer that justifies the above question. Vastu for factories is a very important step that can help in the proper analysis of the site on which the factory is supposed to be constructed. It plays a major role in the success of the factory and therefore, it is crucial to know the problems that might arise due to the wrong site and work out proper remedial measures to get rid of these problems.

Vastu for Pooja room

Have you ever realized that the moment you enter a temple or religious place you tend to experience a soothing feeling? The positive energies of such a place provide a deep and fulfilling solace that calms all your worries. A similar aura can be created at your home by applying the principles of Vastu for pooja room. The design and layout of the pooja room is said to enhance the meditative energies of a person and thus, helps in creating an atmosphere that is charged with positivity. It will also ensure that you get a healthy and happy environment to live your life comfortably.

Vastu for Health

Have you ever felt that the moment you enter someone’s house, you get hit by a negative surge of energy? Or have you ever experienced such extreme discomfort at someone’s place that you started feeling sick? All these things might be a result of the defective Vastu for health. Not many people believe in the architectural science of Vastu Shastra and discard its principles while building their houses. Unfortunately, the wrong Vastu results in loss of health, money, and the peaceful and harmonious existence of the inmates. It has been seen that loss of health is the primary factor that later gives rise to all these problems.

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